Houston Police Department Radio Feed

My Scanner Setup


Scanner Hardware

Pro-106 Digital Trunking Scanner Pro-433 Analog Trunking Scanner

*no longer available

Programming Software

Win500 by StarrSoft ARC433 by Butel

Programming Hardware

Radio Shack 20-546 Radio Shack 20-047

*no longer available

Antenna Hardware

Radio Shack 20-283 Duckie Radio Shack 20-176 "Sputnik"

Antenna Mount/Cabling

Make Shift Pole Electroline EDA2400 Drop Amp

(These are quite literally some left over pool skimmer poles)
*probably not the safest thing

All cabling is RG6 and is run as follows:
25-foot from antenna to wall plate (278-258 used)
6-foot from wall plate to drop amp
25-foot from drop amp to each scanner (278-251 used)

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